Indigenous Heroines is an exceptionally important book for its strong emphasis on tribal people’s outstanding role as freedom fighters; and also on women’s outstanding role, fighting against injustice and in many walks of life. Many vital, little-known stories and histories are conveyed here, showing the world the resilience and wisdom of tribal women, and the respect they command in indigenous cultures.”

Dr. Felix Padel

Anthropologist (London) and Visiting Professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
India is a most diverse country, and not easily understood. The book Indigenous Heroines: A Saga of Tribal Women of India, is coming to our rescue by providing an incisive and insightful narrative of tribal women from all corners of India, fighting for justice and against social and economic exclusion. They all have one trait in common, which is their conviction that justice for indigenous peoples in India, and for tribal women in particular, is marred by an adversary political constellation which compels them to put in a fight against injustices which are man-made and deliberately targeting them. The author strikes a chord with her readers by portraying the women in an affectionate manner, in easily accessible language, which makes us understand why they resist and fight back in dignity without despair, whether against colonial repressors or modern day injustices which are nothing but a continuum of power relations reminiscent of attitudes of colonial superiority. This book is not only a portrait of fearless and courageous women, but also a narrative about modern India and the oppression of its original inhabitants by fear and force, in the name of development and progress.”


Senior Specialist on International Labour Standards, ILO, Delhi, India
An authentic records of very authentic human beings.”


Director, C&LM-I, Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Govt. of India